Meet the Trainer

For more than a decade, Kevin Knartzer has been pursuing his passion of training dogs to help others using positive reinforcement training techniques.  Positive reinforcement builds a dog's confidence and reinforces his bond with his human by rewarding the dog for voluntarily performing desired behaviors and never "punishing" the dog physically or verbally for undesired behaviors.

Though Kevin has perfected his positive training techniques training more than a dozen public access service dogs to help people with disabilities to become more independent, his training tactics can be used to shape any dog behavior.  Kevin specializes in serious behavioral issues including dog aggression and resource guarding, but he also enjoys working on basic obedience and puppy classes with his clients.  About his pet clients, Kevin said, “I really enjoy working with people to help them better understand their dogs and to work towards building a better relationship with them.”


2007 to 2011:  Director of Training and Client Services for Paws and Think

2003 to 2007: Training Coordinator for Indiana Canine Assistance Network (ICAN)

Former Board Member, Vice President & President for Central Indiana Lab Rescue and Adoption (CILARA)

Registered Service Dog Evaluator

Association of Pet Dog Trainers Member Number: 73375 (since 2006)

Passes all Criminal Background Checks and Fully Insured

Services Offered

Please Contact us for information and starting dates on group classes!

Private sessions in your home are available for all training services.  Multi-session packages include unlimited email support before, during, and after your sessions (for up to 3 months and on the same topics covered during sessions).  A per session mileage fee of $.50 per mile will be applied.  Private Sessions are also available at our location at 4253 North State Road 135, Franklin, IN 46131 We are conveniently located in the former Barx Boutique building which is immediately to your right upon turning into the facility. 

4253 North State Road 135
Franklin, IN 46131

Private Sessions-

Individual private sessions for behavior issues start at $175 for the first session, additional sessions start at $50. 

Puppy Primer Sessions-

One session at our location or in your home with your puppy to get things off on the right foot! Learn how to housetrain your puppy quickly and efficiently, reduce problem chewing, setting your pup up for future success and learn more about your new family members needs! Session starts $125 with no mileage for our immediate area (Greenwood, Franklin, Center Grove). We will also send you any forms and follow up over email or text for any questions you have about your pup after the session. 

Walking 101-

Tired of being pulled down the street? Can't get your puppy the exercise it needs? Well we have a mini package of sessions just for you! The package includes a Gentle Leader or Easy Walk harness depending on your dogs needs. We will teach you how to be in control and allow you to take your pup on those much needed walks! Two sessions start at $135. Additional sessions start at $50

Group Obedience Classes-

We are currently offerring Group Obedience Class and Advanced Obedience/Therapy Classes at our location. Please contact us for starting dates!

Manners and Basic Obedience Class- is six weeks and $200. We cover all the basics in this class, including but not limited to: sit, down, stay, not pulling on leash, not jumping, eye contact, inappropriate chewing and more! We also cover how to implement a nothing in life for free policy that will teach you how to train your dog to listen more attentatively by learning to wait for their food bowl, wait at doors and more! Classes consist of 3 teams so each team gets individual attention. Every team gets over $70 in Pet Supplies Plus coupons and we include a harness that will greatly reduce pulling and increase your pups attention. This harness does not hurt your pup in any way. It works on level that is much more scientific then the old, painful, devices like chock, shock and prong collars. 

Advanced Class is six weeks and $200. We cover advanced skills such as; staying with heavy distractions, walking on heel, greeting a stranger while maintaining heel, greeting a strange dog while maintaining heel, leaving food or other objects and more! This course is designed with people that would like to get their dog prepared for any of the many wonderful organizations therapy dog tests or just wants a dog that can preform anywhere, anytime!

Note we have package prices on everything above for any dog currently being fostered for any dog being cared for by non-profit. Please Contact us for details! We   also charge a small per visit fee for travel outside our area and for evenings and weekends.

Who's Talking about TUPD?

"I know a lot of dog trainers -- Kevin is the best. He knows his subject extremely well. He knows and can read people, and let's face it, he's training us so that we can train the dog. One of the things I respect about Kevin is that he knows his limits. There are situations that are not conducive to training. Kevin knows when to proceed and when to hold back so as to not frustrate all parties involved. I recommend Kevin Knartzer without reservation."

Nick Milano, Owner of all Central Indiana Pet Supplies Plus

"Dog training done properly is a gift...and Kevin Knartzer possess that gift. He talks to the dogs in their language. The effect is one where the dogs want to please him and show their understanding.
I admire Kevin's strength of character...the dogs know it, sense it, and respond. Kevin's calm nature is also reflected in his dogs. They know he's not going to 'hurt them' to make them perform or behave. They love him, because he knows their mind. Kevin Knartzer touches the heart of a dog."

Patty Spitler of Wish-TV and Pet Pals TV


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